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I started @weedfeed in 2009 to promote the legalization of marijuana, even for recreational use. This seemed like an extreme position back then, when most of the other marijuana-related accounts focused on medical marijuana. Now, six years later, @weedfeed is one of the top MJ accounts, with 225,000+ followers.


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Twitter is a powerful tool for driving traffic to a website or app, but it takes time and effort to build a large, engaged following.  In the meantime, you can reach @weedfeed's 225,000+ followers with your message.


In particular, I am looking for


1. Content Partnerships

Marijuana-related blogs, news sites and apps with relevant, original content can essentially "rent" space on @weedfeed.  The way it works is this: I let you have access to the account via TweetDeck (without giving you the password). Then you have control over the exact wording of the tweets and when they are posted. You can even schedule tweets in advance, with photos.  Pricing is based on the number of articles you share per month.


2. General Advertising

I'm very picky about the advertising I allow on @weedfeed because I don't want to annoy my followers with too many ads or ads that aren't relevant to their interests. But I'm always looking for new and interesting legal marijuana products and businesses to promote.  Pricing depends on the frequency.  The going rate for one-time single ad is $20, but discounts are available based on frequency.


3. Etsy Shop Advertising

If you have an Etsy shop that sells (legal) handmade marijuana-related products, I am working on a program just for you with special pricing.



For any advertising or content partnership inquiries, contact


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